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Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for what you have done. For about 18 years, I did not purchase clothing. That was taken care of for me and within the parameters of my staid and old fashioned likes. In addition, I spent many years working from home and therefore "dressing up" was not really big on my mind. More recently shopping for me was a daunting affair. The easy choice was simply to buy what I was used to without any thought to how they look or what they say. 

Working with you was a great experience. Your professional approach to understanding the person, their career and what works is second to none. Going shopping with you was an eye opener. You took charge in the clothing store, guided the sales staff and where needed firmly brought them back to focus. You knew exactly where to look and what to look for to create the look, fit and style needed. How'd you do that?

I walked away with a new appreciation for working with a professional. Now I have a wardrobe with almost infinite possibilities and a new set of tools to my disposal when shopping. Even better getting ensembles together is no longer guess work with your mix & match strategy.

I highly recommend that anyone needing to step out of their old box or with tight schedules enlist your guidance and help.

Sincerely, Mac McDermid 


Mac had just moved to NOVA and was in need of an updated image for his new position in Marketing. The first change was to throw out the 19.. Levis with the high waist and tapered leg. I refer to these as "Dad" jeans.
BEFORE: Mac wearing his "Dad" jeans before we went shopping. This style of older type jeans tends to taper at the bottom and be very baggy in the leg area. The newer style jeans are more tailored.




I encouraged Mac to untuck his shirt and wear a Sports Coat with his jeans. We updated his tee shirts and casual shirts and then bought several dress shirts and ties. He also got wonderful, comfortable new shoes. In his position he travels and needed comfort and compatibility. Mac's sports coat has multiple colors and can be worn with many colors in dress slacks as well as jeans.


These shoes work both with Mac's slacks and his jeans.

These are great weekend  casual shoes.   
                                                        - Mac M. Northern VA.  

Jon Barry

  "Working from home I had become somewhat complacent about my clothes. When I did buy something, a shirt or trousers, I gave little thought to how it would work with the rest of my wardrobe. Joanne's approach was to first identify how I saw myself and how I wanted to look. Then we evaluated my current wardrobe and with her expert guidance I became much more aware of what my clothes were saying about me, from style and color to proportion and fit. Like most guys I am not a good shopper, but our afternoon spent shopping was so enlightening and enjoyable I can hardly wait to do it again. I tried on things I never would have considered... and now they are favorites in my closet. She knew right where to go to find the perfect look and fit for me, and did not hesitate to take control of the clothes, or the staff! What an eye opening experience - I consider it a fashion epiphany. My wife gave me a gift certificate for Joanne's services and it was the best gift ever, thanks honey!

 - Jon Barry BEFORE - clothes were too big and baggy  


AFTER: We bought more fitted shirts, updated tee's and slimmer jeans which really work on his particular shape.    

Terry Griffith 


"Joanne,Thanks for your help with my reinvention! Shopping for clothes was never something I enjoyed nor was I ever particularly good at putting together clothing that was both comfortable and stylish. You took the pain out of shopping and have given me a fresh new look that I love and that is an accurate reflection of me.You also made things easy by
ensuring that everything was interchangeable, that provided an abundance of variations and made it nearly impossible for me to do it wrong.I also loved how you organized the process; you managed to pull everything together for me in advance and kept the sales people in line. I think that any person with a hectic schedule will appreciate the amount of time that using an image consultant can save them.I'd highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to save time and effort when shopping for clothes and want to look great when they're done. Having a professional there for guidance is the way to go, and you're the best!"                                                                 - Terry Griffith.

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