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Joanne Rae
The Style Educator LLC


Thank you for visiting our education page - please leave me your information to be able to let you know when our next course begins and just to connect.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this wonderful industry.

Personal Style is both Art & Science. That is why Image Matters.

The Business of being an Image Consultant has been around since the 1960's. It has evolved now to include Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper or even Wardrobe Stylist.
It is a career that is rewarding and fulfilling and beside your income earned the best part of our job is seeing the joy and the confidence that you are able to instill in your client simply through the Art and Science associated with Clothing.

Herein part of the "Science" that is Image. Understanding how to measure your client to determine her shape is what sets you apart as an Image consultant /Personal Stylist. Once you understand her shape you can dress her or him accordingly.

At The Academy we share our knowledge and expertise in both the Science and the Art of dressing a body. There is so much more to being a Personal Stylist than just "I have a knack for it" - or "I shop with my friends".

Ask yourself:

Do I know how to explain to a client with a large bust why she looks wider in the bust area wearing a short sleeve top?

Do I know how to show my client how to appear to have a waistline just by changing her sleeve length?

Do you know how to direct your client to the right colors for her skin tone and eye color? 

This series of photo's is amazing - same girls different hair dolor and how it affects the colors she can wear.

We even discuss the best ways for your to get and keep clients and give you all the forms and paperwork you will need to work with your clients.

So, these are just a few questions for you to ponder over. We delve into the details, we show you how to do all of these and more by making our classes 60% practical. You will practice and practice what we teach - it is not taught on paper only but in practice.
Our desire is for you to leave our classes equipped with the knowledge and expertise to book a client appointment immediately. 

The next Course will be offered in 2017 - dates to be published in the New Year.

I look forward to getting to know you and answering any questions you may have.


Here are some pictures from past Style Educator classes. We learn, we laugh and we work together. A bond that goes beyond the classes is forged and a network of like minded individuals become your cheerleader and supporter.

Fun playing with colors and practicing our Color analysis on each other

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