"I have been impressed with Joanne Rae’s instinct for style and fit; for finding flattering combinations; her tact and patience; her extensive knowledge about shopping; and her excellent eye for a bargain.  But what struck me most is how she instills confidence in her clients.  Since confidence is the most important accessory a woman can wear--that special something that makes her feel right and turn heads--that is a very great asset indeed."   
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  "When Joanne became my Personal Image Consultant, I realized I'd found the missing piece of the image and clothing puzzle. I feel my image and appearance is now complete and polished. I can step outside each day confident and self-assured, because Joanne has educated me in how to put together the best possible up-to-date look for myself. How awesome to feel you're making your best impression each day!"                                 
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We beat ourselves up in the dressing room because things don't fit and we blame our bodies. It’s not you it’s the clothing that you are choosing. In the USA there is no standardization for sizing. You can be an 8 in one store and a 12 in another. We need to work off our shape.  I help you let go of your old self-image and embrace a new self that focuses on fit and shape and proportion instead of size.

Joanne Rae
The Style Educator LLC

Our consultation begins with a series of questionnaires and a discussion about your personal and professional image goals.  You will have a short homework assignment to complete prior to our first appointment. It is an exercise using pictures from catalogs or magazines or even your own personal pictures of how you think you look now; your vision for your ideal image and how you might NEVER want to be seen!

  • Color Analysis
  • What is color? Color is mood, color is feeling, and color can change how people react to you.
  • Using the colors that make us look and feel our best is how we approach color analysis. 
  • We drape color swatches on you to determine how much color saturation is best, using both warm and cool tones which are naturally reflected in our skin tone,hair color and eye color. 

       A wallet of color swatches will be available to order.

  • Body and Shape Analysis & Wardrobe Evaluation and Planning
  • Body and Shape Analysis includes a measuring system which allows us to identify clothing styles & lengths which will best enhance your features and support your wardrobe evaluation. Knowing your shape and body type is key to having your clothes fit well.      
  • Next we evaluate your wardrobe. You try on everything for fit, color and fabric compatibility.  Our goal will be to buy less but have more to wear. We "shop" within your closet, group items together for maximum usage, mix and match items and then plan for any necessary purchases to ensure a  maximum return on your clothing investment. 

  • Personal Shopping
  • Younique Image pre-shops to know where the best items might be to add to your wardrobe based on the needs from your wardrobe evaluation. We build a core wardrobe with durable year round fabrics using mix and match patterns, colors and textures. 
  • Personal shopping includes finding interesting accessories that fit in with your clothing choices and lifestyle  

  • Packing for vacations and trips
  • Based on the number of days you are travelling and the destination, Joanne selects a capsule of mix and match clothing for your trip. We aspire to one suitcase, whether it be a carry on or slightly bigger one.

Additional Services


  • Hair Style Advice & Selection
  • Hair is your crowning glory and is the one thing that speaks to how updated your entire look is. Some of us stay with the same hairstyle and same color for years. Why fix it right??? Well, your skin tone changes with age and so does the texture of your hair. Make the effort to have a new updated hair style and fabulous color and take years off your face. This one thing can bring about the most amazing change in your confidence. We encourage you to try new ideas and explore new avenues with us as we work with the top salons in the Richmond area to create the best look for you. 

  • Make-up Application
  • Younique will work with you to develop a time- friendly make-up routine. We love a natural look that is effortless. With just a few brush strokes you will be ready to walk out of your door and not have to think about re-applying all day. We also encourage a youthful look without the surgery and have wonderful products that will achieve those results for you with a ten minute treatment.
  • Workshops, Girlfriend get together, Classes, Seminars and Speaking 
  • Please call or email for this information.

"Joanne provides fun and educational presentations to small or large groups. Her presentations are fun, filled with useful information that you can apply immediately. Her knowledge of where one can find certain items is astounding! Joanne pays so much attention to detail in her presentations and tailors them to each individual group."

" Capsules and Clusters"

This workshop will give you the tools to build a basic wardrobe with ten pieces of clothing. It is a budget friendly, practical set of tools to help you have a functional, mix and match, easy to wear working wardrobe. You will learn what constitutes a basic wardrobe, when to add seasonal trends and what ends up as a fashionable basic. Included is a formula capsule system that can be used by anyone.

"The Key Elements of Style"

Nearly all women want to be attractive and feel put together. Life happens, we get married, work, have children and somewhere in that fray
we forget about ourselves. This is journey to rediscovering yourself and where you are in the business of life. You will learn to take time for you, rediscover your style for the woman you have become and to embrace the changes that you have had in your shape and your thinking.  The key to real beauty is the balance between what is inside and what is outside.




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