" I cannot say enough good things about Joanne Rae. In addition to showing me how to get much more from my wardrobe, she has made me more efficient! I used to pack for my weekly trips in an hour - Joanne showed me how to pack in 20-30 minutes max, pack for a week in one bag, and have outfits to address any business or casual event. Her enthusiasm and creativity have been a real asset ! I enjoy preparing for my weekly events!"   Judy Rogers, Midlothian VA 2013         

"I'm really excited.  I've been wearing my new clothes to work this week (very versatile) and getting rave reviews from my husband.  Thank you again for going all the way to Williamsburg with me.  It really helped stretch my mom budget!  I really appreciate it.  I also want you to know that working with you, Joanne has given me a new sense of self.  Because I am so comfortable and assured in what I am wearing it has allowed me to be more present at work and in social situations.  I am no longer distracted by feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious in my clothes and I am confident and engaged in the interaction at hand."                                        - Sarah L.(Capital One)2010

 Joanne has been a lifesaver for me.  When I walk into a store, all I see is excess "stuff."  I have never been able to deal sanely with this scenario.  And even though Joanne has educated me to the proper styles and colors to shop for, I still only see excess "stuff" when I shop.    But now, I no longer have clothes hanging in my closet with price tags attached, or clothing I wore only once.  I no longer follow a friend and pick up and buy what they buy because it looked good on them.  Now I spend an hour or two shopping with Joanne and have a wardrobe that fits, looks good on me, and I wear over and over again. I have moved 900 miles away from Joanne and after 3 years without her, I am making a special trip to Richmond to shop. Yea!  Oh and did I  mention that Joanne also organized my closet?  I am able to find everything and put together outfits with ease. 
Joyce Stone, 2010 Independent Beauty Consultant Mary Kay Cosmetics

WOW! My husband was coming home from a deployment and I wanted to look good for his return home. Also, the fact that I haven't really bought new clothes that fit my new body size after my weight going up and down in 5 years while having 3 children. I met Joanne Rae and she saved my life ! (well, my closet life, so I only picked out clothes in the morning that looked good on me). Joanne has changed my opinion of my body image, what size clothing I can wear, increased my self-esteem, and increased my confidence in picking out clothing at stores in the future! Friends and strangers have had positive comments on every piece of clothing she picked out for me by saying "boy, you looked great!" "did you lose weight?" (everyone will think you lost weight because you are wearing clothes in the correct size and for your body shape) "I like your outfit!" I can tell the difference every time I follow the 'rules' by people's positive reactions!! I loved shopping with Joanne so much that I am a returning customer coming back to shop with Joanne again later this month!! Can't wait to see my new summer wardrobe!! Kelly Schuler 2010

Click here for more testimonials


Don’t overlook the power of a good first impression. People make amazing assumptions about you within seven seconds. So maintain your look at work, with friends and with family and this will establish a consistent credibility! It is almost impossible to undo a bad first impression.
Joanne Rae
The Style Educator LLC
I love what I do and these are some of the wonderful women and men (see The Guys page) that I have had the privilege of working with over the years. They have graciously allowed me to share their stories.

I met Colleen while presenting a seminar at a large Banking Institution. She immediately approached me and talked with me about her style and her likes and dislikes. A few weeks later we met at her house for her first appointment. (Mind you she cancelled the first one and admitted to being quite intimidated by this process). Well, I don't bite as she found out. Sadly I have not one before picture yet, but here are her afters. I get a picture a day from her to show me the latest outfit.

"When I started this journey with Joanne, I was really scared about the unknown.  Joanne made me feel safe in the first 5 minutes.  She explains I know this can be scary, however this is my job, I will teach you along the way.  We talked and then we started the process of going through my closet.  That is not fun at the beginning, but by the tenth item – you are already seeing a difference in what to wear.  Joanne is AMAZING!  I have never felt this good in clothes in my life!  I receive complements all the time.  The biggest thing I learned in this process…TRUST Joanne, she knows what she is doing, and she picks out all of my clothes.  Thank you Joanne for changing my life."      Colleen Alexander, Ashland, VA 2016 

We added new shoes               This was a jacket and top that she had and we created                                                                    a new outfit by shopping in her closet

Those shoes!!!
"After being a stay-at-home mom for 12 years, my style had become matronly and stale. Working with Joanne was a joy. She taught me how to dress to accentuate my best features while minimizing my lesser ones. She also worked with my makeup and even suggested a younger, fresher color and style and I love it! After we first 'shopped my closet', we culled what didn't work and came up with only a few items that we needed to add to help finish my wardrobe. It is so nice to stand in front of my closet and pick out an outfit in seconds- my pieces coordinate, which saves me time and money. No more "what shall I wear!" 2006
Having introduced you to Janet some time ago - it is time for an update.  Janet has decided that coloring her hair is no longer something she wishes to do. In making this choice of course her color palette has had to change from mostly warm to mostly cool. Here are some updated pictures from 2012

What I love about Janet is that her style has just blossomed since we first worked together.  She is not afraid to try new things like the slim leg jeans. These really flatter her shape.
- Janet Thompson, Mechanicsville, VA     

I would like to introduce you to Suzanne.  She and I first talked on the phone and had an instant connection. Here is what Suzanne says about her experience.

" I had moved to Richmond from NJ and was quite unprepared for the change in climate and appropriate way to dress in this area. Black was probably my only color in the closet, and most of that was in the form of lined pants!  I found Joanne via an old web site and some “Googling,”  and started my journey to a new "me".  In one afternoon, she showed me what worked for my body shape, got me into a fabulous salon for an "improved" hair style, and had me in new, more appropriate clothes.  All of this in just a few hours and in a reasonable budget as well.   

Before Suzanne's  transformation                                                     

Same day picture - after her hair was cut and colored.  

I had a session for my spring summer needs and then again in the fall.  I can honestly say that now I enjoy going shopping for clothes and know what I look good in.  Before, it was a chore and my choices were safe black pants and non- descript frumpy tops. 

Her guidance and friendship gave me confidence in my self, allowed me to step out of comfort zone of black pants only!, and wowed all of my friends.  No matter what size you are (I am not a size 2), having options that work in your closet that you can chose in quick fashion , for any  occasion and that you KNOW you look great in, is priceless.  Oh, and by the way, I can actually see everything in my closet now as well, since it only has the things that I love in it these days.   Joanne is true professional and made me feel great.  I carry her cards with me everywhere and share them with people who compliment my "style.”  It is all due to her knowledge and teaching.

Thank you Joanne..."            Suzanne Hess, Richmond VA 2012 


" I found the “closet work” to be most beneficial. I had a better organized, less cluttered wardrobe and MORE outfits (without purchasing a thing!!). that I have a plan for my wardrobe, shopping has become less frustrating and, believe it or not, less expensive since I’m buying the right things for my shape and coloring. Thank you, Joanne for giving me such wonderful advice." 2003  

"Every time I go shopping, I think of Joanne and the wonderful advice she has given me about my appearance and clothing choices.  Her advice on color, fit and style has never failed me even as fashion styles come and go.  After having done the initial assessments and closet work, our shopping trips have been fun and very productive.  No more clothes hanging in the closet with the tags still on them because I made a bad choice.  Not only has your training and advice saved me time and money, it makes shopping more fun and enjoyable.  Every time I go into my closet, I think of Joanne and I smile.                          
                                        - Faye Hayes, Ocean Isle, NC 2009

"I consider my time spent with Joanne as an investment in my own self worth. The color and figure analysis took me in a whole new direction and opened up wardrobe possibilities that I would never have considered on my own. I have gained confidence in choosing clothes and accessories that suit my shape and lifestyle. Her pleasant, easy -going personality makes shopping fun again." 2003


"Just wanted to let you know how terrific my "refresher" course was!  It has been about 2 years since you worked in my closet, and we went on our first shopping trip.  I'm afraid a few bad habits had slipped in since that time, but I'm happy to say I'm on the right track again.  Our recent shopping day went by so fast, and you really saved me a bundle by showing me clothes that will work with what I already own!  My husband loves the "saving" part. Thanks also for putting me onto those fabulous jeans!  I'm looking forward to wearing them soon.  Joanne, I can always count on you for an honest, up-to-date opinion, and I'm so grateful for your easy-going style.  You really take the guess work out of shopping, and thanks to you, I have several new pieces to add to my reorganized closet. Looking forward to another shopping day." 
                                             - Maye Jepson, Richmond, VA 2009     


"My hair is much easier to manage and I love the change of color. It makes me feel younger and it has put a spring in my step" - 2005

                                                                                 - Karen, Gloucester, VA


Debby was an "Instant Makeover" at a Christian Women's Club Morning. I worked with her to change her hair and also select her outfit prior to the event. I had only 20 minutes to present the before and after so it had to be quick and easy. 


                        She is such a beautiful woman inside and out!
            - Debby, 2005

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