"I am the type of person who like does not like to worry about my clothes and it showed. I was always tugging, pulling, or readjusting my clothing feeling uncomfortable and unsure about my appearance. Joanne Rae of Younique Image Consulting, created an environment were I felt safe and without judgment of my body or what hung in my closet as she analyze what styles and colors work best for me. From her guidance I feel comfortable and confident in my clothes. Something I thought could never be achieved." - Vickie  Griffith, 2008                      www.Break-Through.org  

Working with Joanne of Younique Image has helped me become better able to select the right clothes. I discovered that while I had many things that I liked, they really weren't very flattering. Some of the problems were with fit, some with color, some with cut and style. Joanne gave me the education I needed to make the right selections. By showing me how to mix pieces, I can have many outfits without a closet full of clothes. And the clothes that I do have are pieces that I really like and feel great in. I now leave the house more self-confident in my appearance than ever.  
Noel P, 2005
Joanne Rae
The Style Educator LLC
About Us

My passion is helping others feel good about themselves!  I see the minute details and tell the unvarnished truth. I see myself as your personal cheerleader and motivator and that when I have worked with you, your confidence grows and in doing so, you see positive changes in your life. 

A little history
Joanne was born and raised in South Africa and moved to the United States in September of 1995. Her background includes 15 years in the corporate environment, owning and operating her own Travel Agency. Joanne founded Younique Image in October 2001. Younique Image has evolved into The Style Educator because she wanted to create a company where she could help others achieve a look appropriate for their unique lifestyle. Joanne says, "There is a metamorphosis that takes place when the outside self is dressed in items that flatter one's body shape and enhance all of one's best features, the inside starts reflecting what is on the outside. What you believe about yourself dictates how successful you are in every area of your life - at home, at work and in your personal relationships. When your image is taken care of it leaves you with time and energy to take care of other things, without giving a thought to what you may or may not look like."

Joanne is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and has attained her CIP - Certified Image Professional certification. This puts her in a category of approximately one hundred and twenty such qualified people worldwide. She has served on the Board of the AICI Washington D.C Chapter as Secretary, on the International Board of Directors for AICI in the role of VP Finance, and currently as VP of Certification.

Joanne is passionate about sharing this wonderful career and opportunity to make a difference in someones life and will be offering Image Consultant Training in the Fall of 2017.

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